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Are you looking for a course in weight loss that can be completed quickly and online? A course that will provide you with tools to not only lose weight but put you on the road to healthier living? My two-hour course, “Why the Food Guides are Wrong,” will show you how to make the best food choices for your own body.

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If You Want to Lose Weight, Don’t Follow the Food Guides

Most of us try to eat healthy and look to official food guides for direction. By following these guidelines we expect to lose excess weight, gain energy and become more healthy.

Many nutritionists, physicians and the mainstream media take the food guide recommendations as fact. The guides typically counsel people to:

 Eat less saturated fat
 Eat more vegetable oils
 Eat more whole grains
 Eat more fruit and vegetables

Sound familiar? But for 85% of us, the food guide recommendations are wrong. Since the 1900s we have had rising rates of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis and obesity. After the food guides were put into place in the 1980s, rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes accelerated. Our children are suffering from chronic health problems that used to be the domain of older adults. Something is seriously wrong here!

Choose What to Eat Based on Science — Not the Recommendations of Food Manufacturers and Lobbyists

In this health and nutrition course you will learn an alternative way of eating that is based on science. There is a lot of conflicting information about what to eat and there are a lot of competing interests in what foods you choose. By learning a few simple rules you will be able to easily identify foods that are best for your body, regardless of what others want you to consume.

Register for my online nutrition course and within two hours you can become an expert on what to put into your own body.

Why Should You Trust My Recommendations?

I began studying diet and nutrition when working with clients in my roles as kinesiologist, somatic therapist and holistic lifestyle consultant. I became frustrated by the limitations of exercise therapy and came to understand the huge role that diet and nutrition plays in our health.

I began to read anything I could get my hands on that related to health: from hormones and circadian rhythms to the history of eating and current thinking on nutrition. I took more and more courses, on everything from nutrition and metabolic typing to physical and massage therapies.

Eventually, I concluded that nutrition and other lifestyle factors have a huge impact on health and healing. Disease results when our bodily systems are out of balance and food is the fuel that supports our bodily systems. Supply the wrong fuel, and our bodily systems go out of whack and illness results.

But Don’t Take My Word for It

Don’t believe me when I tell you how to eat to reduce chronic pain, lose weight or gain energy. For every recommendation in my online nutrition and wellness course I provide you with solid, scientific evidence that supports it.

I have a genuine desire to help people improve their lives through better nutrition. For only $69.00 and two hours of your time, you can learn how to eat in a way that gives your body what it needs.

Many nutrition courses can take months to complete and cost hundreds of dollars. Some diet programs charge thousands of dollars for food and counseling. Sign up now for my concise nutrition and wellness course and change the way you eat and feel for only $69.00.

Still Not Convinced? See What Others Are Saying about My Online Nutrition Course

“I loved the course and would not change it one bit. I found it very easy to follow and I learned a lot!!! I found the price just right. You covered a lot in a short time.” — Neyleen K.

“You’ve done a great job of making the information clear yet concise and easy to follow. And I’m so glad you’re telling people one size does not fit all.” —Rebecca V.

“I just completed your course on why the food guides are wrong…it was fabulous! Although I have heard this information many times before and have even conducted mini-workshops on it with my clients, you really put the information together beautifully, making it even easier to explain to people.” — Manuela Soares

In Only Two Hours You Can Be on the Road to Wellness

For $69.00 you can start giving your body the fuel that it needs and eliminate the junk that it doesn’t.

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