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I have always been interested in what we can do to make ourselves as healthy as possible. We cannot change our genetics, but there is much that is within our control that can have an impact on whether we are healthy or whether we suffer with pain and disease.

I was the top graduating student at the University of Toronto in Physical and Health Education in 1992, where I studied anatomy, physiology, exercise physiology, nutrition and how exercise can improve health. In 1997 moved to Vancouver and started a personal-training business.

I became frustrated by my inability to help my clients through their various aches and pains, and pursued further education through the CHEK Institute in San Diego. I learned an incredible amount, and became far more effective with my clients suffering from low-back pain, but still found some clients did not respond as I felt they should and I didn’t understand why.

I began to read and read. I began to appreciate how nutrition and other lifestyle factors can have a huge impact on healing or the lack of healing. It became obvious to me that there is a lot more to orthopeadic problems than simply looking at the physical. I took the CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Consultation course which solidified what I had been learning. Disease is a function of bodily systems being out of balance, and when we do what is necessary to bring the individual back into balance our health is restored.

My hope is that through this site you can travel the wellness journey with me and prevent illness, or if you are ill, you can learn some ways to become well again. Disease is a function of bodily systems being out of balance, and when we do what is necessary to bring the body back into balance our health is restored. This can be done by thinking right, breathing right, eating healthy food, drinking healthy water, sleeping enough and at the right time, exercising regularly, and avoiding the toxins that make us unhealthy, such as pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, preservatives, colourings, flavourings, etc. that are in our food, the drugs which our livers must detoxify, and the chemicals in our environment. Mostly, wellness is about choices – make poor choices and over time the result is illness. Make good choices, and over time the result is vibrant health. Often good choices don’t take any more time than poor choices – it is simply knowing what to choose.

You might be asking yourself why in the world you should trust my suggestions. Very good question. Don’t. Don’t believe a word I say. I will provide resources – look it up yourself. I am studying health and wellness and truly believe what I suggest to be accurate. As Paul Chek says, does it make sense to study someone that is sick in order to learn how to be healthy? No. One actually needs to study those that are healthy. I do not think it is reasonable to believe food studies that are put out by food companies, nor drug studies that are put out by drug companies. I feel more comfortable believing the experts that study fats for example, and are not funded by people that can profit by the research. You might be surprised at how different the world looks through those eyes.

The other component that is inextricably linked to our health and wellness is the health and wellness of our planet. As the lakes, rivers, oceans become polluted, the forests get chopped down, the air becomes difficult to breathe, and the soil becomes sterile, we will have a harder and harder time recovering our health. As individuals, we need to speak with our dollars and support environmentally friendly ways of doing things so that we can preserve our planet and all life.

Your health is your responsibility, and there is so much you can do to improve your vitality. The goal of this site is to help you on your wellness journey. Enjoy it!