Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy …


Yes, there is truth to this old saying by Benjamin Franklin. We were meant to get up with the light of dawn and to go to sleep at nightfall, our hormone levels adjusting to the rise and fall of daylight around us. Now, in our modern world we can fool our hormonal system with artificial light, which has a big impact on our health. Staying up late with bright lights shining in our eyes keeps our stress hormone cortisol high when it should be diminishing, and suppresses our sleep hormone melatonin, when it should be rising, which has an impact on our ability to deal with stress, lose weight, physically and psychologically repair our tissues, feel rested and be ready for the new day. So, try to get to sleep in a very dark room by 10pm, and marvel at how much better you feel! For more information on how artificial light affects our health, read Lights Out! by Formby & Wiley.

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