To run or not to run???

Well, today was Easter Monday – I didn’t take appointments today, although I did catch up on paperwork at home. It was sort of sunny, and it crossed my mind that I should go out for a run. Break up the time I spend at the computer. Get the blood flowing. It would be good for me.

But you know, I really hate running. Every April I say “this year I’m going to learn to like running”, and I drag myself outside, and for 15 or 20 minutes I torture myself and with every breath I ask myself how soon can I stop. And then I keep it up three times a week for about a month, and then sometime in May I drop it.

I don’t understand how runners find that activity fun. I really admire people that love to run, and I really want to be like them. Running whips one into shape so quickly. And it is a natural movement. Remember when we were kids how much fun we had running around? What happened? Now I’d rather bike 100km than run 5.

So, did I go out running today? No. I sat outside on the porch and felt guilty that I didn’t. Tomorrow the mental battle begins again.

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