April Fools Grand Rounds

Okay, I’m feeling a bit the fool. You see, on Tuesday April 1, Grand Rounds came out, and my post that I had submitted was not included, or so I thought.

Now just to explain, Grand Rounds is published every week on a host’s blog, and it highlights the best posts of the medical blogosphere each week. Now I have submitted many posts to Grand Rounds, and most of the time my posts don’t make the grade, and I’m not included. Once I made it when HealthBlawg was hosting, when I submitted my post on cholesterol, mortality and cholesterol-lowering drugs, and that made my day. 🙂 Since that time I have not been so lucky, so this week, when once again my post wasn’t included, I decided to ask for feedback so I could learn what the criteria are for inclusion. So, on April 1 first thing in the morning, I popped off an email question to GruntDoc, who was hosting this week’s edition of Grand Rounds, and then immediately headed off for a 3-day mini ski vacation to Whistler.

When I got home, I noticed that the baton of Grand Rounds was passed around amongst 7 different hosts this week, and my post showed up on the MedGadget segment. Yeah! I also found an email in my inbox from GruntDoc, explaining to me what had happened with this week’s edition, so, I guess it was April Fools on me! I simply wasn’t patient enough.

So, check out this week’s fun edition of the Roving Grand Rounds, starting at GruntDoc, then to “dregs” Grand Rounds at Dr. Val’s, then to “masterpieces” Grand Rounds at David E Williams Health Business Blog, then to “well conducted research” Grand Rounds at medgadget, and then onto “video” Grand Rounds at Dr. Anonymous, then to Dr. Rob and “Mutant” Grand Rounds at Musings of a Distractible Mind, and we finish up with “Valley Girl” Grand Rounds at Emergiblog.

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